A Lifetime Love Affair

It all began in the opal mines of Coober Pedy. As a young man mining opal with a pick and shovel, Gavin learnt from a smattering of the most experienced miners the industry ever had and formed lifelong friendships along the way. It was during this time the opal fever struck and he knew Opal would be part of his life forever so he gathered as much experience and knowledge as he could, in all areas of opal, from mining, to selling, valuing and cutting.

Never a man to be idle, he jumped at the chance to learn opal cutting and trained under the renowned gem cutter Stewart Jackson (as seen on Outback Opal Hunters) in the local TAFE college.

Along his journey in the Opal Capital, he also took over management of the failing local newspaper, the Coober Pedy Times. In just a few months it had doubled its circulation, became a local success story and local institution, with regularly sold out editions. The remoteness of outback life, opal mining and community spirit were the heartbeat of the local newspaper. The nation seemed a little smaller with this vital link of news and current affairs.

Restless feet took him to Europe chasing his heart (a blonde beauty from France), opening a new chapter and international markets for his opals. He married that beauty and after many years all over Europe has returned with his family to his beloved Australia, the call of the outback too strong to resist.

Gryffin Opal is the culmination of a lifetime of experience and passion with the Queen of Gemstones, the breathtaking Australian Opal. Now, with one son cutting by his side and another mining opal in Coober Pedy, who also keeps the locals in line as one of the towns police force, opal has become a family affair.

Yes, opal fever is contagious, so be careful looking through these pages, by the end you may have it too!

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