Colour Intensity

'Desert Aurora'

Light Opal
6.05 ct
13.78 x 15.64 x 4.70 mm
Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, Red
Coober Pedy

Every once in a while an Opal comes along that is truly unique in its magnificent beauty. This is one such stone. It has a harlequin pattern with a slight flagstone pattern overlay. The colours are clean and bright and this amazing light opal has no inclusions. It is also a large stone with a high dome with a colour play you just can’t stop staring at. A Supergem grade Coober Pedy Opal from Opal Valley, one of its most renowned opal fields, producing stones the likes that have no equal. From the true opal capital of the world, this 100 million year old gemstone is of a size and class all its own. 

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