Colour Intensity

Waru Wiru

Dark Crystal Opal
50.79 ct
Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green
Broad Flash|Flagstone
18kt solid Gold|Platinum
2.45 ct
VVS - F or higher

There are a handful of gemstones that are so profound that you cannot forget them. Their beauty and rarity make them unique, so unique they will take hold of your breath, pausing you in time. This is one of those special gemstones.

A dark crystal opal of outstanding beauty. Mined in the early 1970s in the remote outback opal town of Mintabie, South Australia. Held in a safe by a private collector, she lay sleeping, waiting for her moment. This stunning opal eventually came before us and without hesitation, we added it to our collection.

Now, surround in 18kt gold and platinum, with sparkling diamonds to keep her company, she has awoken to show us all her vibrant colours and beauty.

We call her Waru Wiru (beautiful fire) a name in the aboriginal Pitjantjatjara dialect, from the outback region of South Australia where this unique opal was given birth.

Waru Wiru is a museum grade opal, perfectly suited as an heirloom piece to be part of your families heritage. To own such an opal is an honour as it carries the soul and rich colours of the mystical Australian outback with it.

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